Favourite Artists

  • Wassily Kandinsky - die blaue reiter, ljuvligt, det sitter i de små detaljerna
  • Dorothea Tanning - drömmande, storslaget
  • Marc Chagall - romantiskt, mörkt
  • Gustav Klimt - vackert
  • Marcel Duchamp - rockstar of the artists, påminner om Yuan

Fashion Icons

"If you ever see me in a social setting wearing any sort of sportswear, then you know I’m in crisis."

- Bill Nighy 

Passion according to the Minimalists

when was the last time you felt overwhelmed with excitment?
What were five other (different) experiences like this?
Why were you excited each of those times?
Which experiences were you excited about for the longest period of time?
Was there a common thread among the things that excited you?
What did excitement look like? (How did your physiology change in these situations? How was your posture? Your facial expressions? Your breathing? Your heart rate? What else was happening with your body?


To write, to be a writer, I have to trust and believe in myself as a speaker as a voice for the images. I have to believe that I can communicate with images and words and that I can do it well. A lack of belief in my creative self is a lack of belief in my total self and vice versa -- I cannot seperate my writing from any part of my life. It is all one. When I write it feels like I'm carving bone. It feels lke I'm creating my own face, my heart - a Nahuátl concept. My soul makes itself through the creative act. It is constantly remaking and giving birth to itself through my body. It is learing to live with la Coatlicue that transforms living the Borderlands from a nightmare into a numinous experience. It is always a path and stat to something else.
Thlilli, Tlapalli

She writes while other people sleep. Something is trying to come out. She fights the owrds pushes them down, down, a woman with morning sickness in the middle of the night. How much easier it would be to carry a baby for nine months and the expel it permanently. Theses continueous multiple pregnancies are going to kill her.
Xóchitl in Cuícatl is Nahuátl for flowers and song, flor y canto


The Intern

The more I think of it the more I think it's a tremendous idea
I love the idea of having a place I want to go everyday
I want the connection, the excitement, I want to be challenged, even needed.
I'm loyal, trustworthy and good in a crisis. 

This is what I took away from the Intern.

I also got inspired to create, to get to know myself a bit better.
Dress better, be more as my role models - my grandma and my ma'.
Relax, be calm - do the right thing.
Be present and show them your stunning you.
Bill Nighy, Diane Keaton, Coco Chanel, Dorothy Parker, Ben Whittaker.

Simple questions, listen and sometimes just repeat what they say and then they figure things out.
Develop to the elegant woman you are.
Take care now.
Stay classy, stay strong, be nice.

Weekday Friend

Have you noticed when your friends get partners you suddenly became downgraded to weekday friend? These days you're not prioritised as a person you can spend time with on the weekends you're only suitable for weekdays, whenever you'll fit into their busy schedule.

It's a pattern I've noticed and it's not that I don't think they deserve partnership and love, but what about the partnership we shared? The love between us friends?

There are some friends who balance their time well between partners and friends, not everyone's like this, it's just something I've noticed lately.

So what do you do? Well, I see it as when it comes to what really matters, are you there for me when it counts? Well, then we can be friends. But are you there for me only when it's an okay time for you? Then fuck off!